TTS Transplanter

At Agri Automation, we are passionate about finding the latest technologies to help farmers work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the TTS Planter from The Netherlands. TTS is a precision transplanting machine that can be customised to suit your operations.

Why choose a TTS machine?

TTS is a leading provider of innovative, high quality and reliable automation that meets the needs of the horticulture and forestry industries. 

The only manufacturer that offers a full range of automatic planting machines from a row space of 10cm. The range contains 5 different plant robots, but the custom possibilities with the TTS frame and toolbar are endless.

Various seedling trays fit the tray cassette, talk to us for your customised setup. 

Brassica Planter

High capacity planting, at wider row spacing

  • Average output 5000+ plants per row per hour
  • Available for planting 3 to 8 rows, more rows possible on request
  • Plant with row spaces from 19 inch (50 cm)
  • Independently floating elements with ground pressure control
  • Available with cameras to skip blanks in trays
  • Ideal for tramlines and spray tracks
  • Possibilities for towed or semi-mounted machines
  • For planting brassicas, tomatoes, hemp, sugarcane and more

High Density, Multi-Rower

Compact planting at narrow row spacing

  • Average output up to 5000 plants per row per hour
  • Available for planting 3 to 8 rows per robot
  • Multiple robots in one frame possible
  • Row spaces from 4 till 24 inch (10 till 60 cm)
  • High density up to 25 plants per meter per row
  • Plant on flat or raised beds
  • One machine operator needed
  • Design gives great visibility on the plant rows
  • For close row spacings such as salads, head lettuce, onions, herbs, tree seedlings and flowers

Customised to your Operations

Ask us for assistance in calculating setup and output based on your rows and seedling tray specs