Gotrack e-Spray Pro

The GOtrack e-Spray Pro is a highly-capable spraying computer designed for growers who want to maximise precision and efficiency in their orchard and vineyard maintenance operations. With two models to choose from – the e-Spray and the e-Spray GSM – the e-Spray Pro reduces human error and delivers consistent, targeted spray output to your crops, ensuring superior coverage and crop protection.

Eliminate waste by preventing over-application

As the e-Spray Pro makes its way through your orchard and vineyard, you can be confident that each section of your orchard or vineyard is getting the correct amount of spray. Once calibrated, the system prevents over-spraying and under-spraying, which can result in wasted resources and ineffective application of the spray. Manually operated sprayers can overspray by up to 40% as they slow down toward the end of the row. The e-Spray Pro on the other hand automatically adjusts the spray output preventing over spraying; wasted chemicals and potential damage to the plants. 

Take human error out of the equation

Operators and growers know all too well how seemingly minor spraying mistakes can have devastating consequences for crops. If the driver forgets to turn the control valves on when they begin a new row or even misses it for a few seconds, some or all of the plants in a row could miss being sprayed altogether, leading to a disease outbreak in that area. The e-Spray Pro in comparison will automatically turn valves on and off when the sprayer enters a row, making certain that every row is sprayed. The computer matches spray output to the tractor’s travelling speed and delivering the right amount of spray to each row and plant, without the need for constant manual adjustments. This helps take human error out of the equation, saving on wasted chemicals, and reducing the labour required for spraying.

Real-time analytics and job overview

The e-Spray Pro provides accurate delivery and monitoring data for the entire spray application process, giving you peace of mind that your spraying is being carried out with the utmost precision. The e-Spray Pro allows the orchard or vineyard manager to see where all of their sprayers are working, where they have sprayed, how fast they travelled, the application rates and get proof of placement reports on demand, making compliance and oversight requirements simple.

Choose the Right Model for Your Needs

e-Spray Pro

An innovative spraying computer that manages the mechanised tasks of your orchard or vineyard sprayer, including section valves, main valve, control valve, column lighting, and air control vanes. The system collects information about the current operating parameters of the treatment, including the working pressure, the current flow rate (using a flow meter), the sprayer’s speed in the tank and the control valve to maintain a constant flow rate.

e-Spray Pro GSM

This version of the e-Spray Pro has a built-in GSM modem, providing internet access and SMS communication for the user. This model can be configured with optional expansion modules, offering even greater functionality.



  • Operation of 1, 2, and 3 section sprayers
  • Support for various solenoids including coils and motors
  • Operation of flow meter, liquid level sensor, and anti-drift system actuators
  • Monitoring of nozzle cleanliness in the presence of a flow meter
  • Compatible with the GOtrack Auto Drive system
  • 7-inch touchscreen display with colour
  • Ability to display amount of liquid in the tank without liquid level sensors or a flow meter

Experience the future of spraying

We invite you to experience the future of spraying for yourself. Request a demo today and one of our experts will walk you through how our spraying computer can help you achieve exceptional spray coverage and crop protection, while reducing the labour and resources needed for spraying. Contact our team to request a demonstration.