Frequently Asked Questions

GOtrack systems are customised to suit many makes and models of tractors from old to new and we are frequently adding to the list. Let us know what tractors you have and we’ll let you know what is available.
GOtrack Autodrive is offered as a subscription service which includes everything from network costs, RTK GPS correction signal through to technical support and training. In addition, all software and hardware updates are included, and as new advancements are made our team will work with our customers to upgrade them.
GOtrack is “managed autonomy”, this means that whilst the system is 100% capable of operating without manual intervention, we still recommend oversight and monitoring of the machine (simple via our mobile app on phone or tablet).
We believe that GOtrack technology offers much more opportunity than risk to operators. With the training provided by Agri Automation, existing tractor drivers can upskill and become fleet managers, overseeing multiple GOtrack equipped tractors in operation from the comfort of a ute or office rather than driving just one.
GOtrack has multiple layers of situational awareness and safety systems including Lidar scanning, RGB cameras and IR cameras, all working together using Artificial Intelligence to scan and monitor the path and stopping the tractor if there is an obstacle. If an obstacle is detected the tractor stops and pauses for a short time to see if the obstacle moves away. If it doesn’t then the machine manager is notified via the control app. The manager can then use the onboard cameras to check the situation, see what the GOtrack is seeing and make a ‘go or no go’ decision.
Technically there is no limit however our recommendation is 2-4 systems per manager at the current technology level.

Of course, there are some tasks that still require a human operator. A Gotrack equipped tractor can be switched from fully autonomous to fully manual with one touch of a button. In addition, you can also select a mid-point where GOtrack will manage the steering whilst you focus on controlling an attachment or tool to achieve the best result without the distraction of steering the tractor.